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is specialized manufacturer and exporter of Mechanical seals.

Because of more than twenty years experiences , TBMS becomes the leading manufacturer of mechanical seals in China for pumps, mixers, agitators ,compressors...etc. in domestic and overseas customers from USA, Europe, South Africa and Southern Asia...etc. Our seals are similar to John Crane's, AESSEAL's , Burgmann's and Pacific's seals and can be interchangeable. If you are used to use the above seals, then our seals must be meet your requirements. We are also can design and manufacture according to customers' drawings or samples , please contact us for details.

Since forming, the TBMS Seals philosophy has been to offer our customers the highest standards of product quality and service at competitive prices.

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Assured Competitive Prices

Whether you require a simple O Ring or a conversion from gland packing to the latest generation of mechanical seals, we believe we are in a position to offer a competitively loaded product range unique in the industry to suit your needs.

Assured Packing

We pack goods in many layers before putting in box to avoid any breakage during logistic. Every component is marked with full details to avoid any problem to the receiver, store & inspection agencies at client's site.

Assured After-Sale Service

Our engineers are trained properly to tackle all service problems effectively and promptly. We are committed to attend all service problems of our customers at a short notice and provide necessary spares immediately.Our Engineers also provide training to maintenance staff of customer to handle emergency.

Assured Quality

Using modern highest performance standards of every mechanical seal. These standards guarantee the highest degree of reliability and provide an exceptional maintenance record for our customers.

Rockwell Hardness Tester

It can be used to determine the Vickers hardness of steel, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, treated layers of metal surface, and thehardness grads of carburized, nitrided and hardened layers of metals. It is also suitable to determine the Vickers hardness of micro and super thin parts.

Light Band Detector

Light band detector is used in flat detction of mechanical seals, optical parts, advanced platform, flat, rail and other high-precision plane parts.

Shore Hardness Tester

Shore hardness tester is to measure the hardness of rubber and plastic. It is conformed to ASTM and ISO standards.

The Spring And Compression Testing Machine

The spring tension and compression testing machine is a special instrument for testing the characteristics of tension, compression spring deformation and load. Suitable for tensile and compression springs in a certain working length of the work load test, can also be used for spring, rubber and other elastic device elastic load test.


    GLOBAL SILVER SR with a powerful measurement function, for the size, shape and location of the measurement provides sufficient flexibility and convenience, while saving money, improve the detection efficiency.


    1. 3D positioning speed: 520mm/s
    3D acceleration: 1732 mm/s2
    3.Accuracy: MPEE (mm) 2.3+3.3L/1000
    MPEP (mm) 2.3
    4.AC-DMIS software

  • Wheel Gear Coordinate Measuring System MQ-564

    Wheel Gear Coordinate Measuring System MQ-564 has economical and good performance,high accuracy, high efficiency and high stability features.It can complete all the measuring request and especially fit for the workshop and measurement lab, widely used in aviation, aerospace, defense, automotive, mold and electronics industries,etc.


    Wheel Gear Coordinate Measuring System MQ-564
    1.3D measurement
    4.AC-DMIS software