Our Team


Peter Ling

Selling product of a high-quality and offering a great customer service are the main aims of the company. He wants to build relationships with his customers that are not only based on business but on mutual respect and trust, to make it a beneficial partnership for both parties.


Sales Department

Sales department is in charge of maintaining relationship with current customers and tracking orders status by collaborating with other departments. It also has the task of contacting potential customers, found with the help of the marketing department and supervise the B2B platform.

QC Department

We have professional quality control staff. We carefully test the quality of each product during every process of manufacturing and also before shipment, aiming to guarantee that our customers will be 100% satisfied with our products.

Production Department

We are a professional and energetic team that put customer’s demands in the first position all the time. We have a comprehensive product line, providing sealing solutions and designing all kinds of products according to customer’s demands.

Marketing Department

Before every expansion to a new market, our marketing department staff will deeply investigate the situation of targeted markets in advance in order to provide an appropriate strategy for development, a push strategy for old products and provide support to the sales department . In addition, constant efforts are made by the whole team to promote the brand and make it grow globally.